Our goal is to transform young students from being passive content consumers into engaged content creators.



It's the key to finding unique solutions to tomorrow's problems. We tap into children's naturally curious minds and ignite this trait that can serve them throughout their lives.



There is power in creativity. Inspired thoughts lead to innovative solutions. We embrace the creative imaginations of young minds and empower them to develop their visions to become new ideas.



Confidence, teamwork, and friendships with like-minded students is what we embrace. Learning to work with others is a life skill we teach from the beginning.


Learning should be exciting so we make sure children enjoy the process by providing a lively and entertaining platform for their projects. They learn that work can be fun.


What parents are saying...

It was a great experience and my son enjoyed it thoroughly. I was glad to see his mind opened up in a way that made him excited.
She loved it so much, and was immediately editing trailers and shorts on iMovie on our iPad at home. Can’t wait to see the final product.
My child loved the camp. Everyone was extremely friendly. On the first day they even gave me a mini tour of the place. I was really impressed with the staff and the facilities
My son could not stop talking about his camp experience. He loves the skills he learned in Adobe voice as well. Robotics was definitely a fun time for him.
What a fantastic experience!! Love that it is a full day of learning and playing! The camp counselors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and welcoming. We have definitely tried to spread the word about what a great experience this has been!
She really enjoyed everything about the program & cannot wait to go back. They really did an excellent job with letting the kids be creative and mold the program to cater to that group. She never felt like she was there for 8 hours and never wanted to leave.
The movie camp program was OUTSTANDING! My son has loved every moment and comes home excited about the technology, methods and experiences he’s enjoyed throughout the day.
I was really wowed by this camp experience and told a lot of people about it. Thank you for offering this!