International Creative Adventures

We believe all students are creative and deserve the opportunity to let their imaginations thrive. Our unique STEAM curricula combines storytelling, technology, and art through collaboration with peers and the best instructors. And, just like at Full Sail University, we do this through immersive teaching methods and hands-on learning.
International students will experience how to tell their stories through creative methods, and then transfer these skills to various career paths in the future.  Since all of the curriculum and facilitation is tailored towards personalized learning, the participants can expect a program that is unique to their skill set and needs.


Game Design (Ages 12–18)

Our Game Design Program offers the opportunity to explore the three major components of every great game: Narrative, Gameplay, and the Virtual World. Learners will examine the art of developing and delivering narrative within interactive game environments along with making decisions and code for gameplay mechanics. They will flex their spatial intelligence and artistic aptitude through sculpting, painting, and detailing a high quality game environment.

Music Production (Ages 12–18)

Music Production is about creating an understanding of music from the ground level all the way to song completion. In this program, students explore a range of production techniques such as basic song construction and learn how to create their own sounds as well as use samples and virtual instruments to create a studio-level production. They will also be learning song arrangement, how to structure and format a song and achieve a professional sounding mix.

Minecraft (Ages 12–18)

Using the Raspberry Pi, a computer the size of a credit card, students will learn how to use the programming language Python to write commands and scripts inside the Minecraft game environment. They will begin with preexisting scripts and work their way to modifying them and then write their own original code. Students will work both independently and in groups to build structures, mazes and levels in their own Minecraft world.